You and Your Community: How to Make Friends in a New City

It can be difficult to make friends in a new city, especially if you’re not sure where to start. If you’re moving to San Diego, the task is a little easier thanks to the city’s overall friendly nature. Use these tips for how to make friends in a new city to create lasting connections with people you get, and who get you.

Neighbors meeting each other at their apartment

Meet Your Neighbors

If you’ve moved into an apartment complex, meeting your immediate neighbors is the best way to start meeting new people in your building. It’s smart, too. A good relationship with the people on either side of you may come in handy when you’re low on something at home or find yourself needing to resolve an issue.

Many apartment complexes will also host regular events for residents to help them meet new people. These events are fun and a chance to try something new, like cooking, dancing, or a craft. There’s likely at least a handful of residents in that complex who have similar interests as you, or are new to the city like you. You could meet a buddy to explore downtown San Diego with, or that could introduce you to even more friends.

Use New and Existing Connections

Perhaps you know someone who knows someone in San Diego. That person could be a good person to help you make connections in your new city. As you meet new friends where you live, you could make additional connections outside of your complex thanks to those new friends. 

Use every connection you have after an initial move until you feel more comfortable branching out. Besides, if you already have friends in common, you might already have some common interests. 

Say “yes” to invitations to hang out with new friends you’re making. It’s going to be hard to make friends in a new city if you’re spending most of your time at home.

Friends doing yoga at the beach

Embrace Your Interests

If you love to dance, find a dance class near your apartment where you can meet locals who love it, too. For example, the Balboa Park Dancers are open to new members with or without partners. They meet twice a week at the Balboa Park Club, a historic venue for meeting new people.

Is art your passion? Find studios that offer classes or low-stress ways to express yourself. Have you always wanted to learn how to be a better cook? Join a cooking class to put those beautiful new kitchen finishes to good use.

If your interests are outdoor activities, you’re in luck. San Diego is an outdoor adventurer’s playground. Find weekend hiking groups or join an outdoor yoga studio. Seek out outdoor meditation groups or join running clubs. There’s no shortage of ways to get outside and enjoy the San Diego weather with new friends.

Join the Club

On top of exploring your interests, there are a variety of readymade groups out there waiting for new members like you. If you love to read, seek out book clubs at San Diego libraries and bookshops. Those interested in volunteerism can find groups that make their weekend excursions around impactful volunteer work. If you’ve always been part of a church, you can spend time finding the perfect fit for you and building your community that way.

Adult sports leagues are very popular as not only a way to make new friends, but a way to enjoy year-round mild weather and get a workout in. Soccer, kickball, pickleball, even dodgeball all have a presence in San Diego.

Explore Your Neighborhood

It can be hard to meet new people when you’re not comfortable yet with your new neighborhood. Spend some time exploring where you’re going to call home so that you can find places that feel special to you, and where you’d like to spend more of your time.

If you’re lucky enough to live near downtown San Diego, there are a variety of things to do in Little Italy that lend themselves to meeting new people. Start with the Little Italy Mercato on Saturdays, considered by many locals to be San Diego’s best farmers’ market. Find your favorite cafe or brewery. Make yourself a regular at an eatery that you love. That’s easy to do with all of the patio dining in downtown San Diego. Shop local and make it a point to support your local businesses.

If you’re moving with a pet, the dog park is a great place to start to find like-minded dog owners. Balboa Park has several options for you that are busy no matter when you visit. For a more casual scene, try the Little Italy Dog Park.

Use Your Apartment Amenities

Living in a luxury apartment complex is the last place that should feel isolating. If you’ve already met your immediate neighbors, branch out and meet others in your building. Using your apartment amenities is a more natural way to do that when you’ve run out of ways around how to make friends in San Diego.

Many San Diego apartments downtown have common areas and outdoor spaces that make it easier to meet others living in your complex. At the Allegro Towers, you’ll have access to a rooftop pool and spa, poolside grilling areas, and a 24-hour fitness center. Whether you prefer working out or lounging, these spaces make it easier for a sense of community to build where you live.

Are you ready to explore what makes Allegro Towers the best apartment community in San Diego? Schedule a tour to see how easily it could be for you to fit in at the Allegro Towers.