How to Incorporate the Most Instagrammed Interior Design Styles into Your Apartment

You’re all moved into your dream downtown apartment following months of apartment hunting in San Diego. But something’s missing.

You want a more cohesive feel at your new place but aren’t sure where to begin or how to get inspired.

We’re here to help. Let’s take a look at how to add some flair into that apartment, with the most Instagrammed interior design styles across the country that will make your new place a conversation piece.


Coastal Living

When it comes to best interior design, Instagram is all about #CoastalLiving, the most popular interior design style tagged and searched on the platform. The aesthetic is a smart choice in San Diego, too, as downtown is only a short drive from some of California’s most beautiful beaches.

To give off some beachy vibes at your apartment, think weathered or distressed finishes on your statement furniture, color palettes that include maritime greens and blues, sandy tones and crisp whites, and patterns that play on that coastal theme, like navy stripes or paisley. Choose art that plays to the theme of coastal living design, and keep rooms airy. The beach is meant to be a calming, uncluttered space, after all.

Coastal interior design style

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern aesthetic is number two on the list of the most Instagrammed interior design styles. Popularized in the 1940s, it’s a style that’s still thriving today, making it the most popular hashtag throughout California.

To add mid-century modern touches to your new San Diego apartment, consider statement art that adds a wow factor to your living room. Incorporate natural and neutral color schemes and furniture pieces that are functional and boast beautiful, clean lines.

Don’t be afraid of mixing materials like wood with metal or glass, no matter your apartment floor plan. The aesthetic is about simplicity and modern pieces that remain timeless, no matter the design trend.

Mid-century Modern interior design

Rustic Decor

Popular on Instagram in the Midwest and Northwest, Rustic decor borrows a bit from farmhouse chic, with a focus on comfort, charm, and adding warm touches to your living spaces.

Rustic interior design for apartment living is easy. Wooden accent pieces, including statement furniture in reclaimed wood, natural linens, and neutral hues, are all popular elements if you’re going for that rustic decor look in your apartment. The aesthetic is earthy and welcoming, focusing on using natural colors and materials to dress up your apartment.

Rustic Decor

The Modern Home

With its focus on less is more, modern home decor remains popular on Instagram in the western states. Much like the clean lines favored in the mid-century modern design aesthetic, modern home design is all about maximizing the space you have and limiting decor that will get in the way of a bright, airy space.

To replicate the look in your apartment, work within a neutral or natural color palette. Look for statement pieces that play with the light in a room, like those with chrome or glass accents. A modern home isn’t cold and bare but minimalist and functional, a trend that fits well with open-concept plans so popular in apartments and houses.

Modern interior design

Boho Decor

Inspiration taken from the popular Instagram tag #BohoDecor, or bohemian interior design, is perfect for those who are a bit more playful with their apartment decorating and like a bit of everything in their interior design styles. Boho decor is eclectic, with less focus on any one material and furniture style, and more of a free-spirited and whimsical look.

You may already have pieces that fit the boho decor style, like unique artwork you found on your travels or family heirlooms you’ve inherited along the way. To enhance the bohemian vibes, play with bright colors and patterns, mix textiles and fabrics on accent pillows, and personalize each space with items that are uniquely you. Vintage and antique shops are also a great idea to find unique pieces to complete your apartment’s look.

Boho interior design

Cottage Style

Vermont Instagrammers love their cottage style, the most Instagrammed design aesthetic in the state. With over 1.5 million tagged images, there’s no doubt it’s well within the most popular design styles across the country.

To play with the cottage style in your apartment, consider natural fibers and textiles in the pieces you’re decorating with, including rugs, throw pillows, and wall decor. Your color palette can vary a bit from room to room. Use naturals mixed with pastels and pops of color where rooms look a bit too subdued. Furniture shouldn’t be too matchy-matchy, and playful patterns in florals and stripes are fun additions to spaces in the cottage style.

Cottage interior design

The Traditional Home

Popular in southern states like Texas and Louisiana, a glimpse at traditional homes on Instagram is a peek at grand homes made for entertaining.

You don’t need a large home in the south to embrace a more traditional, classic style, though. This design aesthetic is all about restraint. Consider neutral or warm color palettes, floral patterns, and thoughtful touches that show you considered a design progression from room to room. The purpose of furnishings in your traditional apartment should be on comfort and pieces that will stand the test of time.

Traditional Interior design

Are you feeling inspired now? If you’re ready to find the perfect downtown apartment to decorate with the most popular interior design styles, contact us at Allegro Towers to find your dream place.