9 Reasons to Rent a One Bedroom Apartment in San Diego

Whether you’re someone who doesn’t need much space or are on a budget that dictates the size of your place, San Diegans certainly have choices when it comes to finding a one-bedroom apartment to suit their needs.

If you’re still deciding on the size of apartment that will suit you best, one-bedroom apartments in San Diego have their own set of perks over a larger place.

1. You’ll Save Money

If you’re on a budget, the decision to choose a one-bedroom apartment may come down to price. It’s cheaper to rent one bedroom over a two-bedroom apartment. If you really don’t need the space, considering a studio — that’s where all of your living space is contained to one large room — is even cheaper. 

Simply put, you’ll save money in the short-term and the long run with a one-bedroom apartment over a larger place.

2. You’ll Have Fewer Rooms to Furnish

Let’s say you’re already dealing with figuring out how you’d decorate a large apartment. In a one-bedroom place, you’ll have less to furnish. That doesn’t mean your place won’t have style. There are all kinds of interior design ideas for a one-bedroom apartment out there that allow you to work with the space you have and make your apartment your own in creative ways.

Living room in a one bedroom apartment

3. The Upkeep Is Easier

The more space you’re working with, the more time you need to spend on cleaning that space. Sprucing up a one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom is a much easier task when you’re expecting company and easier to keep nice and tidy in the first place. 

There’s also less that can go wrong with less space. If you’re looking for something low-maintenance, a one-bedroom is undoubtedly easier to maintain than a bigger place.

4. You’ll Have to Stay Organized

This may seem like a negative, but living in a smaller space forces a high level of organization. For those looking to get a little bit more minimalist with their things, it could be the best opportunity to do so. You just won’t have the space to leave much clutter around and may need to get creative with storage solutions. 

Once you’ve downsized a bit and put your apartment together in a way that works for you, you may find that it was the perfect amount of space altogether.

Organized spaces in a one bedroom apartment

5. You Have More Options

If your budget has kept you from living in a San Diego neighborhood that you really like, choosing a one-bedroom apartment over a larger space could fix that problem. We’ve already mentioned that it’s less expensive to rent a one-bedroom. Choosing less space could help you land in your dream location, like the vibrant Little Italy neighborhood, because you’re saving money on rent to make it happen. 

6. It’s Perfect for Singles or Couples

A one-bedroom apartment offers the privacy a couple may want that a studio can’t provide and enough space for a solo renter to feel comfortable in. You won’t have that extra room for guests, but that may not be important to you. If you have a pet, a one-bedroom is perfectly large enough to accommodate a furry friend, too, as long as you find yourself a pet-friendly apartment

Couple cooking breakfast and a woman taking photos in her bedroom

7. You Can Have an Office, Too

If you’re worried about how you’ll make remote work happen in a one-bedroom apartment, there is a slightly upgraded option in many apartment complexes that still maintain the perks of a smaller place. Look into a one-bedroom with a den to give you that nook you need to allow for some separation between your living space and your work area. 

You can certainly also use a den for other purposes, too, like a book nook, workout area or extra storage space. It’s the perfect area to personalize to meet your needs.

One bedroom apartment with a den for an office

8. You’ll Get Out More

With less space inside your apartment, you’ll be more likely to spend time outside exploring the San Diego neighborhood you’ve chosen for your new place. That doesn’t mean you’ll like your home any less. It just means that with fewer rooms to escape to, you’ll be more intrigued by everything going on right outside your door.

If you’re in downtown San Diego, it’s all the more tempting, with a variety of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and boutiques available within blocks of your apartment. 

Downtown San Diego at sunset

9. The Size Is Just Right

Unless you’re living with children or expecting frequent houseguests, a one-bedroom is perfectly sized to accommodate singles or couples with enough space to go around. You’ll still have a designated sleeping area, a perk of one-bedrooms over studio apartments or efficiencies, and you’ll still have a separate living area. 

Depending on the size of your place, you could turn the living area into a makeshift sleeping area for overnight guests by incorporating a futon or pull-out couch. A one-bedroom is only too small if you don’t use the space to its advantage.

One bedroom apartment at Allegro Towers

Find the Best One-Bedroom Apartment in San Diego

You have options when it comes to finding the best one-bedroom apartments San Diego has to offer. It can then come down to location and where you want to spend most of your time. It can also come down to comfort and the kinds of amenities you’re interested in.

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