Apartment Interior Design Tips for Every Floor Plan

No matter the size of your apartment, there are ways to incorporate fresh apartment interior design elements into a space to make it feel like home.

Let’s take a look at popular interior design styles and ideas for everything from studios to two-bedroom apartments and how to use the space you have to not only stay on trend but turn that apartment into a place you want to be spending your time in.

Interior Design Trends 2021: Style Any Space

Whether you’re styling a penthouse or a studio, some interior design trends will work for any space.

Lighting will still reign as a way to enhance the mood of a space, on top of adding elements of design to an apartment. Think sleek or funky fixtures that add intrigue to a space but don’t take up much room. Environmentally-friendly choices are also very much on-trend with natural, sustainable fabrics that add texture to an area.

Apartment with plants

Rather than adopting a minimalist approach to design, trends will go toward the more personal as people spend more time in their apartments. Show off your personality in the art, statement pieces, and sentimental essentials you have in the open. Particularly when you’re in a small space, everything on display should also put you in a good mood or remind you of a moment in time or special person in your life.

The focus on comfort over the last year will remain. What can you do to make your space cozier and a haven for relaxation? Consider warm colors in the accessories you choose to dress up a space, comfortable furniture made for lounging, and embrace timeless pieces that may have made the rounds in the family.

Studio Apartments

In a studio apartment and with any small apartment interior design, you should seek out more purposeful design ideas and incorporate trends without making the space feel smaller.

Consider how to use light in a space to add warmth through easy-to-install wall sconces around the bed in a studio, rather than using valuable floor space on large standing lamps.
Allegro Towers apartment

Choose furniture that brings the eye upward, like couches, plush chairs on taller legs, or multi-purpose pieces. Seek out benches that incorporate a storage option, sofas that are also a pull-out for guests even in a studio space, and flexible options, like coffee tables that convert into workspaces.

Don’t ignore the floor when it comes to decor. A large rug can create division in a space if it blankets the entire floor of a bedroom, giving the eye visual markers of where your sleep space ends, and the rest of the apartment begins.

Create even more division with the furniture you choose for your studio. A small dining table nook or wide piece of furniture, like a bookcase, can serve as dividers between where you sleep and where you eat, work, and entertain.
Studio apartment interior design

One-Bedroom Apartments

With a clear separation between your bedroom and the rest of your living area in a one-bedroom apartment, you can focus less on marking transitions from space-to-space and more on your unique design style.

Continue working with vertical space, incorporating bookcases that mix up your book collection with plants, sentimental items, and statement pieces you’d like on display. Add materials that add warmth to a space, like wicker and natural fabrics.
Allegro Towers Apartment

Wallpaper will remain a popular way to dress up a bathroom or upgrade a room with an accent wall to play with color. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a low-maintenance way for renters to jump on this trend.
Wallpaper in a living room

If you have the additional space of a den in your one-bedroom apartment to work with, create a space that meets your needs. If it’s a home office you’re after, seek out accessories that will keep you organized but fit the room, as well. You want to be productive in a home office space, but it should be an area you want to be spending time in.

Two-Bedroom Apartments

With an additional bedroom of space to work with, you can get more creative with your design styles, even mixing it up a bit from room-to-room in a two-bedroom apartment.

Consider letting go of the minimalist trends of years past and adding color to a room. If you’re unable to paint, add accessories – think throw pillows and colorful blankets – that add color and texture to a space.
Allegro Tower's apartment

Another interior design trend for the coming year is more playfulness in design. With more space, your furniture doesn’t need to blend in so much with its surroundings. Consider leaving matching furniture sets behind in favor of pieces that coordinate together instead, whether that’s the materials used or a complementary color scheme. Incorporate elements that are special to you, perhaps antiques you’ve inherited along the years, for a more personalized style.
colorful Living room

If you’ve been working from home, you may want one of those bedrooms as a working space. Create a separate office so that you feel like there’s a distinction between work and home. Consider ways to play with color and accessories in your workspace that won’t distract you from the tasks at hand.

Those lucky enough to be working with a penthouse suite can play up the light and airiness of rooms with easy access to views outside. Consider what you can add to balcony spaces, as well, whether it’s plants or additional seating areas where you can start your day off right.
Office space in a home

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