Best Indoor Plants for Apartments in San Diego

Filling an apartment with leafy green plants is very much an interior design trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. The best part is, you don’t need to have a green thumb and experience tending to a garden to add the best indoor plants to your space.

We have some tips on indoor plants that are easy to care for, including low light indoor plants, to keep your space looking vibrant, beautiful and fresh.

Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

Living in an apartment in San Diego is already an efficient use of your time and resources. Your indoor plants should fit that lifestyle. These low-maintenance options are perfect no matter your skillset for caring for plants. 

  • Dwarf Umbrella Tree: If your apartment is a bit larger and you want your potted plant to make a statement, consider a dwarf umbrella tree. It’s essentially a smaller version of the umbrella tree, a flowering plant that likes low light and grows slowly enough that it won’t outgrow you or your apartment.
  • Marble Queen Pothos: This easy, pretty plant is popular for its eye-catching leaves and easy-to-follow care instructions. The Marble Queen Pothos requires low to medium light and little watering, even bouncing back quickly if you forget about it from time to time. It’s the perfect houseplant for apartment dwellers on the go.
  • Wax Plant: The wax plant, or Hoya, is much less delicate than it sounds. These resilient plants are nearly foolproof and popular with frequent travelers who may not be able to water their plants on a regular schedule. Wax plants also need little light to thrive and do well in a variety of conditions.
Examples of low maintenance indoor plants

The Best Low Light Indoor Plants

Good plants for an apartment often mean plants that don’t need much light and thrive in low light conditions. Explore the best low light indoor plants if you’re looking for plants for spaces without much direct sunlight throughout the day.

  • Calathea: Calatheas, or prayer plants, reward beginning plant owners with beautiful pink and red-tinted leaves. Keep their soil moist but out of too much direct sunlight to keep this plant thriving. The bonus here is that they’re non-toxic, making them an excellent option for pet owners. 
  • Cast Iron Plant: This plant is as durable as the kitchenware, making the cast iron plant one of the most popular choices for indoor potted plants. This one thrives out of direct sunlight. Give it too much light, and you’ll actually burn its leaves, which should be a deep green.
  • Chinese Evergreen: The Chinese Evergreen is a classic indoor plant for a reason. It’s easy to grow and does just fine in bright indirect light and low-light conditions. This one does like a little bit of humidity, though, something that’s rare in San Diego. A light misting from time to time will do the trick and keep your potted plant happy.
Examples of Low Light Indoor Plants

Succulents for Beginners

A potted succulent is perfect for small spaces and adding a little bit of joy to a room. They’re also one of the easiest plants to take care of, as they require little water in most cases. These are the best succulents for beginners.

  • Paddle Plant: This succulent is known for the thick, paddle-shaped leaves that give the plant its name and the pink, reddish tips that the leaves take on throughout the year. To keep it looking its best, it will need direct sunlight throughout the day, but otherwise, it likes conditions kept pretty dry.
  • Snake Plant: This flowering succulent goes by many times — Saint George’s sword and the viper’s bowstring hemp for starters — but its most common name is the snake plant. This one is known for its clean air properties. Plant this low-maintenance succulent out of direct sunlight, and you’ll have your personal fighter against air pollutants.
  • Zebra Plant: This striped succulent was made for those with an eye for design. It grows well in a small pot with little watering required and is perfectly fine in low light. This one blooms by late summer or early fall, so expect leafy yellow shoots coming through around that time.
Examples of succulents for beginners

Where to Buy the Best Indoor Plants San Diego

If you’re already downtown, you have several convenient options available to you for plant shops that sell plants made for apartment living. 

Isa’s Plants in Hillcrest offers a mix of rare, uncommon plants and mainstays that thrive in any environment. It’s an excellent stop if you’re looking for helpful staff who will help you curate a beautiful space, too. They’re quite knowledgeable about plants as a key piece of interior decor.

Try Mission Hills Nursery for a more traditional garden shop experience. They have a large selection of plants and anything you’d need for organic gardening, including seeds, soil and organic pest control sprays. Their potted plant selection is impressive, too, so it may be hard to leave with just one new indoor plant for your apartment.

If you’re looking to embrace green apartment decor ideas, head to Craftmossphere on Little Italy’s India Street. The shop blends art with living plants to offer beautiful and stylish pieces that add vibrancy to your apartment. They’ll even create custom pieces for you if you have a particular aesthetic in mind or want them to use a particularly resilient plant you’ve read about here.

If you prefer doing your local plant shopping from the comfort of your apartment, local shop Green Fresh Florals + Plants offers same-day plant delivery in San Diego. A refresh of your space is just a click away. 

woman walking through a plant nursery

You’ve found the best indoor plants to spruce up your space. Now it’s time to find the ideal apartment. Contact us at Allegro Towers, the city’s best luxury apartments in San Diego’s Little Italy.