How to Decorate a Studio Apartment: 6 Home Decor Tips for Studios

Living room and kitchen in a studio apartment

It can be tricky to decorate a smaller space, but some perks come with it, too. With less room to deal with, you can come up with a more focused approach for your apartment. You can create an Instagrammable apartment interior no matter what your apartment size. Use these tips for how to decorate a…

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8 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Apartment decorated for Christmas

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may have Christmas decor on the brain. The good news is, you don’t need a giant space to embrace the festive spirit, even if you have to downsize visions of that ceiling-touching tree to do so. If you’re working with less space this year, use this guide to…

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Best Indoor Plants for Apartments in San Diego

Apartment filled with house plants

Filling an apartment with leafy green plants is very much an interior design trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. The best part is, you don’t need to have a green thumb and experience tending to a garden to add the best indoor plants to your space. We have some tips on indoor plants…

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7 Best Coffee Shops in Little Italy & Downtown San Diego

James Coffee neon sign in San Diego

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in San Diego. You wake up to the birds chirping, the waves firing, and a craving for a fresh cup o’ joe, but not just any old coffee will do. You’re in the mood for specialty coffee – the kind you can only get at your local brewer. Lucky for…

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Pets in Apartment Rentals: Tips for Downtown San Diego Living With Pets

Dog at a beach in san Diego

San Diego is a very pet-friendly city, with dog beaches and dog parks, cat cafes, and eateries that will cater to your pet with special treats that rival their people food menus. Even if you’re downtown, living with pets is made easier by available luxury apartment amenities in pet-friendly buildings like the Allegro Towers. These…

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How to Prepare for a Move: The Ultimate Moving Checklist

How to prepare for a move in San Diego

You followed all of the tips for apartment hunting and found the perfect San Diego apartment. It wasn’t an easy task, but you’re ready to make the leap to move into your dream place. Your work isn’t done once you sign that lease, though. You still need to move into that apartment. Moving can be…

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What to Look for When Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting downtown San Diego

Relocating to a new city and going apartment hunting can be a nerve-wracking process. It’s essential to be prepared when you are searching for a new place to call home. With plenty of research and some knowledge about the area you are moving to, you will have what you need to find the best possible…

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Guide to Moving to San Diego

Guide to moving to San Diego

San Diego has a ton to offer – you can explore the ocean, check out diverse cuisines, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. It’s no surprise that after visiting many people decide to relocate to sunny San Diego. But before moving, it is vital to figure out the cost of living,…

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